Two Men & a Spa Dolly - Pool & Spa Service, Installation, Delivery, Sales, Chemicals, Parts and Landscaping.
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Company Profile

Two Men & a Spa Dolly has been in business since May 29, 2003.  Initially we started out as a part time side job, but realizing the need for professional spa delivery services we decided to create what today is a very successful Spa, Pool and outdoor entertainment service company.  Our services range from delivery, removal, storage, installation, complete electrical requirements and landscaping.

In 2003 we delivered or moved 400 Spa's. 

In 2004 we started installing above ground swimming pools and are now installing pools for 4 prominent dealers in the St. Louis market.  We also began installing gazebos for several of the dealers, ranging from 3-4 different gazebo manufacturers.

2006 was a major step for our company.  We opened a new office in Las Vegas, NV. Serving 4 dealers full time and several others on an as needed basis.  One of the dealers that contracted with us, required us to do all of their deliveries, ranging from Spas, Gazebos, pool tables, tanning beds, outdoor kitchens, custom designed fire pits and saunas.  This was a major accomplishment and stabilized our presence in the Las Vegas market.  With the success of this expansion we are confident on expanding to other metro markets.

Due to the cost of running the remote site in Nevada we decided to close the Las Vegas office in Dec of 2006. We have learned a lot from the Nevada office and wouldn't rule against merging to another city in the future. 

New to us in 2007 was a move to a new facility where we can offer warehousing, shipping, receiving and service work. We are excited about securing a large St. Louis based Spa retailer to help further grow our business. Also new in 2007 was the addition of a long time Spa Company that does direct buy only. We secured the warehousing, and delivery's to the St. Louis, MO.,  Ill., And the Kansas regions. We are always looking to expand our services to any Dealer, retailer, or distributor of indoor and outdoor amenities.

With economy constraints, our used and refurbished hot tub sales have increased tremendously. If you are not sure a hot tub is right for you, stop by our office and browse our refurbished hot tubs. These hot tubs will be considerably less than a new spa with the same benefits.

*************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BREAKING NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!******************

As of October 31, 2012 we have purchased our own property. We now currently have a full service office, warehouse, service and parts dept. Please stop by and check out our new location @ 1500 Old Highway 21, Arnold, MO. 63010. Phone numbers remain the same. 314-353-7727.

Our new location is just a few minutes down the road.